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On Saturday 12th, May 2018

I attended PROMETHEUS SMAN 3 BANDUNG and here's the vlog.. hope you guys enjoy it.

Minggu, 15 April 2018

EduPassion Vlog

On Thursday, 15 February 2018, SMAN 3 Bandung held an event called EduPassion.
Our English teacher Ms.Wiwin assigned us to do EduPassion Vlog. So, this is it. We hope this vlog is helpful for everyone who watch it. Enjoy!

-Dhyneke Pramitha
-Intan Hafsari
-Tsania Aufa


Minggu, 04 Maret 2018



Text 1

opening/found/ HELLO GEORGETOWN
content/found/ Information of the event including time/date/place specification.
closing/found/For hiring opportunities, email

Text 2

opening/found/ CALL FOR PROPOSALS
closing/found/Detailed information of call for proposal, include: application and assessment process, assessment criteria and deadline of proposal submission, is attached and available at WHO Indonesia Country Office Website.

Text 3

opening/found/We are proud to announce We outgrew our old place
content/found/Information of the event including time/date/place specification.
closing/found/Contact us:089922376549837/

Text 4

opening/not found/ there's no opening in this text
content/found/ Information about the event including time/date/place specification.
closing/not found/ there's no closing in this text



Minggu, 18 Februari 2018

Im Yoona

Hi guys!

First, i want to ask you, what do you think about K-pop?

Korean? Music? Dance? or anything else?

Today i will tell you about one of my favourite artist, and she also one of member grup called SNSD. I know you know about SNSD because i think SNSD is so famous since i was elementary school. And today i don't tell you all pf them but only Yoona, she's my favourite.


Im Yoon-ah (임윤아; born May 30, 1990), better known by the mononym Yoona, is a South Korean singer and actress. She debuted as a member of girl group Girl's Generation in August 2007, who went on to become one of the best-selling artists in South Korea and one of South Korea's most popular girl groups worldwide. 

Yoona graduated from Daeyoung High School in 2009. She went on to major in theather studies and graduated from Dongguk University in February 2015, receiving a lifetime achievement award at the graduation ceremony. Her fellow Girls' Generation member, Seohyun, attended the same university. She was also chosen as an ambassador for the university in 2014 along with Apink's Naeun and actress Park Ha-sun.

Graduation from high school

 Her family consists of her father and an older sister by five years.While growing up, she listened to girl group S.E.S and dreamed of becoming a singer. In 2002, she was cast in the SM Saturday Open Casting Audition and spent five years "doing nothing but constant training" in singing, dancing and acting. During her trainee days, she had low self-esteem about her low voice, and once thought of giving up singing in order to pursue an acting career. A SM choreographer persuaded her to continue, saying it would be "a waste to give up becoming a singer" with her "outstanding dancing skills". He also considered her as the best female dancer within the agency.Vocally, though Yoona is not known to have a wide vocal range, she has been described by critics to have a "very sweet voice". Prior to debuting, Yoona was introduced to the public through various appearances in music videos and commercials; she first appeared in TVXQ's "Magic Castle" music video in 2005. She made her official debut as a member of Girls' Generation in August 2007, becoming the "center" of the group.The group gained significant popularity with the release of their hit single "Gee" in 2009.

Yoona with her familly

Im Yoona pre-debut

Apart from Girls' Generation's activities, Yoona has acted in several television dramas. Her acting career began in 2007 with a minor role in MBC's drama Two Outs in the Ninth Inning. She then appeared in MBC's Woman of Matchless  Beauty (2008), and was complimented by veteran actress Bae Jong-ok for her cameo performance.

In May 2008, Yoona landed her first leading role in KBS's drama You Are My Destiny, playing the character Jang Sae-byuk. The drama achieved viewer ratings of up to 41.5%, and Yoona received wider public recognition. She considered the role a turning point in her career, and won two "Best New Actress" awards at the 2008 KBS Drama Awards and 45th Baeksang Arts Awards. In 2009, Yoona was cast in MBC's drama Cinderella Man along with Kwon Sang-woo.

In September 2016, Yoona starred in tvN's action thriller The K2 with Ji Chang Wook. Tired of being typecast with a candy-like image and having always been burdened by the idol-actress prejudice, Yoona cast away the public perception and focused on the role as her "personal challenge". Her effort gained positive viewers' recognition, and earned her acting acclaim from critics.

With Ji Chang Wook in The K2 drama

Recently, back came good news from idols of all idols, YoonA. She is rumored to have had an adopted child she adopted since she was 18 years old. And the boy is a black boy from Africa. When interviewed by SBS Hope TV team, YoonA confessed that she felt sorry for the boy. She takes care of her, and sends her money every month for her. YoonA adds, "Seeing him can go to school and have fun with his friends, has made me happy and happy."

She's so amazin and inpire me because she has a beautiful face and heart.. abd she also talented to, this is achievements that have been achieved: Starred in Sanyo Eneloop CF 2006 commercial Sanyo Eneloop CF (2006).
Teun Teun Followed 'CF 2006 Teun Teun' Follow Me 'CF (2006).
Elite CF with SS501 2007 CF Elite with SS501 (2007).
Sunkist Lemonade CF w / Super Junior's Kangin, Heechul | Version 2 (2007).
Clean and Clear CF 2007 Clean and Clear CF (2007).
Role in drama 9 End 2 Out (2007).
Sola VitaminC CF 2008 Sola VitaminC CF (2008).
YeJiMiIn wise beauty CF 2008 YeJiMiIn Wise beauty CF (2008).
Playing part in Womanof Matchless beauty (2008) drama.
Starred in the drama You are My Destiny (2008-2009).
Starring in the drama Cinderella Man (2009).
Starred in the variety show Family Outing 2 (2010).
Solo at Innisfree day - Discovery
Awards / Recognitions Awards / Recognitions:
Korean Drama Festival: Netizen Popularity Award (You Are My Destiny) Film (2008).
Korean Festival: Popularity Netizen Award (You Are My Destiny) (2008).
KBS Drama Awards: New Actress Award (You Are My Destiny) 2008 KBS.
 Drama Awards: New Actress Award (You Are My Destiny) (2008).
KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award 2008 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award (2008).

Minggu, 04 Februari 2018

Humpback Whales


Today i'm going to tell you about a Humpback Whales, but before that, what is a Humpback Whales?

The humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is a species of baleen whale. One of the larger rorqual species, adults range in length from 12–16 m (39–52 ft) and weigh about 36,000 kg (79,000 lb). The humpback has a distinctive body shape, with long pectoral fins and a knobbly head. It is known for breaching and other distinctive surface behaviors, making it popular with whale watchers. Males produce a complex song lasting 10 to 20 minutes, which they repeat for hours at a time. Its purpose is not clear, though it may have a role in mating.
Found in oceans and seas around the world, humpback whales typically migrate  up to 25,000 km (16,000 mi) each year. Humpbacks feed in polar waters, and migrate to tropical or subtropical waters to breed and give birth when they fast  and live off their fat reserves. Their diet consists mostly of krill and small fish. Humpbacks have a diverse repertoire of feeding methods, including the bubble net  technique.
Like other large whales, the humpback was a target for the whaling industry. Once hunted to the brink of extinction, its population fell by an estimated 90% before a 1966 moratorium. While stocks have partially recovered, entanglement in fishing gear, collisions with ships and noise pollution continue to impact the population of 80,000.

This is the classification of Humpback Whlaes. source from Wikipedia.
Gray, 1846
Species:M. novaeangliae

Humpback Whales life cycles:
  • Babby Whales called calves. gestation period is 11 to 16 months
  • Adolescent Whales / Juvenile stage runs from the momment the calf is weaned to when it reaches sexual maturity
  • Adult Whales : The adult whale stage starts when the whale reaches sexual maturity. This can occur between the ages of 6 and 13 years. 

Humpback Whales's life span is 45 to 50 years and their habitat is North Pacific Ocean. In summer they leave to search for food until mating season in winter. 

So that is about a Humpback Whale. and now i have some quiz for you.. 

1. When is Humpback Whale mating season?

A. Winter 
B. Spring
C. Rainy
D. Summer
E. Snowy

Answer: A

2. What baby humpback usually called?

A. Bunny
B. Calves
C. Juvenile
D. Kitten
E. Adolescent

Answer: B

3. What they usually make. when they're feeding?

A. Bubble net
B. Song
C. Fire
D. Water
E. Fish

Answer: A

4. Where is humpback habitat

A. North Pacific Ocean
B. Indian Ocean 
C. Pacific Ocean
D. South Pacific Ocean
E. Atlantic

Answer: A

5. What is humpback whale class

A. Mamals 
B. Insect 
C. Bird
D. Fish
E. Reptile

Answer: A

Minggu, 07 Januari 2018

My Last Holiday

Hai guys, 

So I would told you about my last holiday. I went umroh a few weeks later, and I spend my holiday in holy city Madina and Mecca. First, on 26th December I went to Jakarta to go to Jeddah from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. After 9 hours flight from Jakarta-Jeddah finally I arrived and went to Madina with a bus after that. It took 5-6 hours to Madina from Jeddah. 

I went to Nabawi mosque and pray there, I stayed in Madina for 3 days before I went to Mecca to do Umroh. I spent 4 days in Mecca before I back to Jakarta. 

For me, this holiday is really fun for me because this is the first time I went Umor with my family. And there, we went to so many amazing places dan unforgettable. I hope I can go back again soon. 

In Madina, I went to Rasulullah grave, to dates farm, and so many places. And in Mecca, beside do an umroh I went to tourist attraction too like a museum and mount. 

Oh, and I wanted to tell you that Madina is heaven for you who liked to shopping because there's so many gift shop and the seller can speak Bahasa so it's really easy to bought something there. We don't to get worried because we can't speak Arabian because actually, they can speak Bahasa really well

That's my last holiday, to be honest, I really enjoyed my holiday. 

Minggu, 01 Oktober 2017


The N Seoul Tower (HangulN서울타워), officially the YTN Seoul Tower and commonly known as the Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, South Korea. N Seoul Tower's original owner merged with CJ Corporation, it was renamed the N Seoul Tower (official name CJ Seoul Tower). 

Built in 1971, the N Seoul Tower is South Korea's first general radio wave tower, providing TV and radio broadcasting in Seoul.Currently, the tower broadcasts signals for Korean media outlets, such as KBSMBC, and SBS. tower was opened to the public in 1980. Seoul Tower was completed on December 3, 1971, designed by architects at Jangjongryul though at the time the facility interior was not furnished. It took until August 1975, for the third floor of the observatory deck, museum, open hall, souvenir shop, in addition to bring the other facilities to completion. However, despite finalization of tower construction, the observatory was closed to the public until October 15, 1980Since then, the tower has been a landmark of Seoul. Tower elevation ranges from 236.7 m (777 ft) at the base to 479.7 m (1,574 ft) above sea level. Seoul Tower had its name changed to N Seoul Tower in 2005 whereas the "N" stands for 'new', 'Namsan', and 'nature.

Many visitors ride the Namsan cable car up the Mt. Namsan to walk to the tower. Namsan cable car is an aerial tramway in Seoul. Built in 1962, it spans from the Hoehyeon-dong platform (near Myeong-dong) to the Yejang-dong platform near the top of Mt. Namsan and the N Seoul Tower. It is the first commercial cable car service for passengers in Korea. 

 The tower is renowned as a national landmark, and for its cityscape. The 236.7 m (777 ft) tower sits on the Namsan mountain (243m or 797 ft). It attracts thousands of tourists and locals every year, especially during nighttime when the tower lights up. Photographers enjoy the panoramic view the tower offers. Each year, approximately 8.4 million visit the N Seoul Tower. The N Seoul Tower is divided into three main parts, including the N Lobby, N Plaza, and the N Tower. The N Plaza consists of two floors, while the N Tower includes four floors.

 Most of the city of Seoul can be seen from the top. Close to N Seoul Tower is a second lattice transmission tower. The tower offers a digital observatory with a 360° panoramic view that showcases Korea's history through 32 LCD screens. This is located on the third floor of the N Tower. 

In 2008, the Teddy Bear Museum was open at the Tower, with a 7-metre Christmas tree made with 300 teddy bears to celebrate the opening. It showcases teddy bears in the past, present, and future of Seoul, as well as teddy bears models in Seoul attractions.

 In a poll of nearly 2,000 foreign visitors in November 2011, 16 percent stated that hanging named padlocks on the Tower fence as a symbol of love was their favorite activity in Seoul. This attraction is situated on the 2nd floor of the N Plaza, at the Roof Terrace. The "Locks of Love" is a popular location for people to hang locks that symbolize eternal love, and has been depicted in many Korean television shows, dramas, and movies for this reason.

The N Tower also holds many other attractions, including the digital observatory and the Wishing Pond. The Wishing Pond can be found on the second floor of the tower, where people throw coins into the pond wishing for eternal love. The coins are collected and donated to help develop schools in China and Southeast Asia, especially in underdeveloped areas. On the third floor, the newly designed observatory, renovated in 2011, can be found. The observatory not only offers the 360° view of the city, but also exhibits 600 years of Korean history through 36 LCD screens. The fifth floor houses a French restaurant known as N Grill.

N Tower in South Korea can be your next holiday destination because it offers so many attractions and facilities. You can go with all of your family or friends here because this is the right places for spending your quality time with your beloved person.